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Career Progress, Community Events, And Cultivating Joy

While I try to stay up-to-date with world events (I use the Ground News service for this purpose), I try to not let myself get overwhelmed, through  "tending to my own garden" . Lately, I have been focused on  cultivating joy . I recently finished reading  a book on this very subject . It was recommended by  an architect of Romanian origin  whose work I admire. I am linking to the independent bookstore nearby, where I also pre-ordered  this little gem . I interviewed a lot in September, in search of suitable contract work through  my business , Beginning next week I will be going to Manhattan much more often, for my newest assignment. Last month, my  life partner  and I initiated a  series of community events at a coffee shop in the neighborhood . I relaunched our  multimedia production company website  and  restarted taking weekly dance lessons . At the beginning of October, I participated in my second Hispanic Dance Parade. Later I met with  fellow GIS conservationists  for

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