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Making the Most Out of the Isolation

The year in which I had the most extensive world trips planned, the year when I realized I prefer working in teams whenever possible because there will always be at least a fair amount of independent work, and in most cases, several minds are better than one... was the year everything changed. Such is life. I am no stranger to isolation. I always prefer a good book or a good movie to dubious company and even more dubious food. However, I always tried to go out whenever I was given the chance. Simply because I very rarely regretted it. After all, the offer in the New York Metro Area almost never disappoints (unless you still live with the illusion that NY is the city that never sleeps; turns out it does, oooh yes it does ...) But I didn't realize just how social I was until this pandemic hit. Let me tell you again how much I love building community...  (Befriend me. By all accounts, it looks like I am a super-connector . I know, it came as a surprise to me too...) Don't get me w

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