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My Latest Job Hunting Mindset, Regular Jane, Artsy Jane, and Naturally Curious Jane

For as long as I can remember I have been equally interested in arts and in sciences. When I took a job aptitude assessment, I scored highly in both realms, with a slightly higher level in sciences. I am a licensed scientist married to a musician with a doctorate degree. I enjoy moonlighting as a multimedia producer, with all that it entails. It is my artistic outlet. Yet, I was hesitant to add this activity (or my graphic art studies) to my LinkedIn profile for a long time. It is still absent from my CV. Like many others in a similar situation, as I discovered along the way, I am pretty used to being discounted as a "serious" scientist. Never mind that I have a graduate degree in Biology from one of the highest-rated universities. More than a decade ago, noticing this dismissive attitude on both sides of the Atlantic led me to the decision to separate my artistic persona from my scientific one. I obviously did not want to look like the misfit or oddball in the "nerd&quo

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