Photography Archives, Readings, Multimedia Production

Digital cleanup entails discovering previously unused images and videos in my archives. Some I only posted on my personal Facebook account. I have been fiddling with AI and graphic design platforms such as Canva and Adobe Express as a creative outlet, making posters and promo videos for my multimedia production company. I have also been writing more on my other blogs, getting inspired by WordPress prompts (their collaboration with Day One is a good idea; I used to journal based on Day One prompts).
This summer I did freelance work that allowed me to catch up on my readings. I wrote on Linkedin about a book that I greatly enjoyed - Braiding Sweetgrass. It inspired me to write about my own adventures trying to find a balance between "overengineering and abandonment" tending to my backyard garden. That files under "comfort", so the place for those stories is my Substack newsletter. My complete reading list is disclosed to subscribers.


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