Raising Funds for an Android App Project: GeoSight AI

This blog, an extension of my LinkedIn profile, was due for an update, and what better way to do that than announcing my latest project. After initially connecting on LinkedIn, where we are both following a few of the same thought leaders, I met Tami last September at a UN conference. At the time, she was consulting for an advanced propulsion research lab. Shortly after, I began consulting as a geospatial data developer for the Metropolitan Transportation Authority of New York City. We kept in touch after she returned to the West Coast, where she is currently based, and we decided to start collaborating on a geospatial data processing app: GeoSight AI.
This collaboration couldn't be more auspicious - in the past years, I have been increasingly interested and involved in satellite imagery data applications.
We are currently fundraising for the development of a proof of concept. Your support, be it as a donation, a reshare, or both, would mean the world to us.


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