Career Progress, Community Events, And Cultivating Joy

While I try to stay up-to-date with world events (I use the Ground News service for this purpose), I try to not let myself get overwhelmed, through "tending to my own garden". Lately, I have been focused on cultivating joy. I recently finished reading a book on this very subject. It was recommended by an architect of Romanian origin whose work I admire. I am linking to the independent bookstore nearby, where I also pre-ordered this little gem.

I interviewed a lot in September, in search of suitable contract work through my business, Beginning next week I will be going to Manhattan much more often, for my newest assignment.
Last month, my life partner and I initiated a series of community events at a coffee shop in the neighborhood. I relaunched our multimedia production company website and restarted taking weekly dance lessons. At the beginning of October, I participated in my second Hispanic Dance Parade. Later I met with fellow GIS conservationists for a happy hour event.
During September I also attended a few sessions at the UN Science Science Summit, where I had the opportunity to connect with fellow entrepreneur, futurist, and poet, Tami Pudina, founder of Hyperdrive Anthropology. We partnered on an exciting geospatial project for which we are currently applying for funding. Later I attended a business dinner organized by EarthDaily, which prompted a possible collaboration on our project.

This Monday I attended an anxiously awaited concert of the Madrid Royal Theatre Orchestra at Lincoln Center. The program featured some of my all-time favorite symphonic pieces.
Yesterday we went out to celebrate by seeing one of Dorian Devins Trio's last concerts at their jazz residency in New York - they will be moving out of the area soon. She is one of the moderators of Secret Science Club, and an artist. They will be back at Flute Champagne Bar on November 29.


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