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You Should Start Learning to Code. Today.

I am writing this article for the members of the Society for Conservation GIS NY/NJ Chapter who are at the beginning of their careers, but all those who want to add coding skills to their resumes can benefit from reading it.
I have been an advocate for STEAM education my entire life. Coming from a family of educators, and being a nerdy kid, it was not exactly hard to be convinced of its enormous value early. Most recently, I have been extremely worried to observe how a lack of education is undermining democracy itself.
I am talking about STEAM education, not just STEM. Meaning that the Arts should always be part of the package. They are much more important for modern civilization than you might think. More important than science? Just as important, and equally important to physical education, in my opinion. I will detail this on another occasion.
I am not only an advocate of STEAM education. I am an advocate of life-long learning. And one of the skills you should start honing today is…

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