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How I Rediscovered the Art of Pen-and-Paper Journaling

Originally published on Medium. I started my first diary when I was ten. My father, a writer himself, who noticed my penchant for elaborate compositions at school, thought that not only it would be good for me, but I would also enjoy it. He was right, as he often is, at least when it comes to nurturing literary creativity. He handed me an exquisite little hardcover notebook, black covers with red spine and red corners. I am quite sure it was made in China. To this day, I have no idea where he sourced it. High quality anything was rather difficult to come by in pre-1990 Romania.
“A pencil on the blank pages of an open notebook” by Jan Kahánek on Unsplash
I eagerly started journaling, and kept at it until college, when life became hectic, much more social, and certainly more interesting than my journaling habit. For the first time I was among plenty of people to whom I could relate. I came to realize that keeping a diary, along with my voracious reading habit, helped me survive high scho…

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