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 In the past eighteen months, I have been trying to become (even) more aware of the image I project on social media. Since June this year, I have been much more active on Twitter, leaving Facebook for sharing personal things mostly with friends, relatives, and acquaintances. The extra time spent in front of the screen, which was previously allotted to socializing, was redirected almost entirely toward professional organizations. What I noticed once socializing as usual resumed, was my increased awareness and focus in face-to-face conversations . I am much more present . I relish the body language that video-conferencing does not convey, at least not entirely. The professional organizations in which I have been most active are The Society for Conservation GIS (whose 2021 Conference just ended) and Women in Geospatial . I cannot stress enough how important being an active member of at least one relevant professional organization is, regardless of your career stage and goals. This blog p

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