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 This is a work in progress (so are all the posts on all my blogs, for that matter). I might add, delete or modify items in this list. Each item will be addressed separately in dedicated posts.

I have been asked twice for career advice in the past week. I am happy to share what worked for me:

1. Put yourself out there through professional networking and volunteering.

2. Work on your professional portfolio. Save everything you worked on and are proud of in one place. This can be a website, blog, Slideshare, or Evernote (by the way, you can blog directly from Evernote...)

3. Perfectionism is not a positive trait: it will get in the way of finalizing projects and will give you imposter syndrome. Settle for good enough. What is "just ok" for you, others might find outstanding. If unsure, use peer feedback as much as possible.

4. If you are a freelancer, use accountability tools and have a clear schedule that includes time off.

5. Work a little on your skills every day, or at least regularly. Persistence is key.

6. Keep track of your work, job applications, contacts, by using productivity tools. Be as organized as possible. I like to use Evernote.

7. Don't feel guilty if you get distracted from your goals. It might only mean that you need time off. Also: your interests might fluctuate during your career. Stay true to yourself.

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