Making The Most Out Of The Isolation

The year in which I had the most extensive world trips planned, the year when I realized I prefer working in teams whenever possible because there will always be at least a fair amount of independent work, and in most cases, several minds are better than one... was the year everything changed. Such is life.
I am no stranger to isolation. I always prefer a good book or a good movie to dubious company and even more dubious food. However, I always tried to go out whenever I was given the chance. Simply because I very rarely regretted it. After all, the offer in the New York Metro Area almost never disappoints (unless you still live with the illusion that NY is the city that never sleeps; turns out it does, oooh yes it does...) But I didn't realize just how social I was until this pandemic hit.
Let me tell you again how much I love building community... (Befriend me. By all accounts, it looks like I am a super-connector. I know, it came as a surprise to me too...)
Don't get me wrong: I am far from being depressed. I have projects accumulated on the back burner to last me for years. I keep busy - extremely busy, even. Only that now I dictate my own schedule.
It would have been a good idea to keep a daily pandemic log. I am still working on a daily journaling habit. And speaking of creating and maintaining healthy habits: I have five free 30-day passes to give away for a productivity app that I absolutely love. The link is in this post. There are several other goodies on that blog, check it out.
2019 was the year of self-discovery for me. I focused a lot on personality assessments and personal branding. One thing that kept coming up, as a silver thread in my career, was sustainability. Yes, I am an ecologist who walks the walk. "Walking the walk" is a question of integrity. But composting is just one of the important aspects of "closing the circle". I have been trying to reasonably reduce the harmful impact of my dwelling on this planet for decades. As a result, I have accumulated a wealth of specialized knowledge and experience in the field. And now I decided to start sharing it online, systematically. And because the process of creating high-quality content is time-consuming and sometimes involves too many private aspects, I am hosting my sustainability blog on Patreon. The upper tier is capped - inner circles are supposed to stay small by definition. There will be still plenty of free and affordable options. You will have plenty of time to decide. One of the future posts will have a list of all the self-assessment tests and classes I have taken last year.
Until next time.


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