One Instant Coffee at 7 PM...

...resulting in two hours of nighttime sleep, from 4.30 to 6.30. Another one, twelve hours later, resulting in a "frantic mad, with evermore unrest" mood.
I've chosen to wear red today, in a rather sartorial combination, with a scarf (finally :)). Oh yes, that much coffeine triggered my manic stage... :).
...I hate reading blogs as a habit. Reading most of them is just a depressing waste of time. (On the other hand, what waste of time isn't depressing... the one who's down right infuriating?...) I regularly read only those of the persons I know in real life. It saves a lot of small talk. I use the gained time to catch up on my art history readings and other great books and authors that I always had a fascination for. Like Thomas Mann. Or Persian poets. Or anything about the Japanese traditions. Or the history of jazz... And so on...
A refined coffeine boost is not so bad after all... ...Gets me more critical on my reading/writing habits... About the euphoric effect of this substance, some other time.


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