Ten Reasons Why We Should Protect Bats

I was trying to revive a dying bat, guided by my cherished friend from college, Eli, who rescued it. I miss Eli terribly She's now teaching at the Ecology and Environmental Protection School at our undergraduate Alma Mater.

1. Bats are natural insecticides.
2. Bats NEVER tangle in our hair.
3. Bats give old cities mistery and new cities a coat-of-arms.
4. Their flight on the night sky is swift and fascinating.
5. Their guano highly prized flower fertilizers.
6. Bats are the only mammals that grew wings.
7. Their wings are exquisite.
8. Bats have a totally unjust bad reputation and image of vampires. Only one species in South America is actually a vampire. NOT a lethal one.
9. Bats are endangered species.
10. Bats are SIMPLY COOL!


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