Thursday, July 04, 2013

Happy 4th of July!

Not going anywhere but working in my studio, as usual during holidays. This time I work on a design sketch for the next Pro Arts Eat-Up Party. The details of my submission are here, on the PRO ARTS website. This would be my first garden art installation, so I am a bit nervous. Last night I took one of the nightscape backgrounds that were lying around in my studio for a long time and I drew something that would resemble what I had in mind for my open air museum lanterns. I must admit I was inspired by the whimsical artworks of Katherine Dunn and her wonderful Apifera farm, but also by Diana Trout, who left a gracious comment on my studio blog, after I reblogged one of her posts. I own both Katherine’s and Diana’s books, which kept me inspired and happy.

The design sketch is still in the making.


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