Thursday, February 07, 2013

The S.T. (Almost) Monthly

It's funny how I am still in awe at the manners here: people don't greet when entering a room where other people are, nor when leaving. But they hold doors open for others and are very apologetic when trespassing your private space (it took some time to make sense of those "excuse me" told without any apparent harm done!)
2013 has brought a few notable changes for me. But first: somehow I overlooked blogging about a few important events at the end of last year. (God, I must hate writing for quite a while now! :D ). I curated an art show at Cafe Sole, here in Chilltown. Their website didn't exist back then, it is still under construction now. I met a few new fab friends at an art opening in Manhattan, Kay Erickson's Calcutta Rescue benefit at Centerpoint Gallery.

In January, the Green Drinks + ART events series resumed, with its mix of sustainability projects showcase, eco-jeopardy, jazz and art. I sold a few prints of my Wasteland Alchemy collection, with 50% going to SJC. The January edition jazz concert featured guitarist Adam Lomeo. Which brings me to the discovery of this month's edition: the SJC event in February will feature saxophonist Tom Tallitsch!
Take a listen here, on his Youtube channel. Enjoy! And don't miss this, if in the area!

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