Monday, July 09, 2012

Sustainable Jersey City

What took me so long to write about this? I've been ignoring blogging not by design, but by one of those "going through a phase" things. All part of the integration process, I suppose.
I've been looking for a collaboration with local environmental organizations, since I am an Ecologist not only by trade, but also by strong belief. So I came across Green Map System, through an online service which was matching students to internships (I got accepted into University of Montclair's Ecology Masters Program).
So I get in touch with Wendy Brawer, the innovative initiator of Green Map System, send her my resume for an internship at the Green Map headquarters, located in the Lower East Side. She sees that I reside in Jersey City and asks me, well, did you know about this grassroots group in your side of town? No. They've been meeting for a few months now. I would definitely want to check them out. Especially that I would not have to cross the Hudson. Sorry, NYC, but, at least for now, I would rather not take Manhattan.
Said and done. I show up at their meetings and ...THE ENERGY! The enthusiasm! All for making my town a more sustainable place to live and work. Long story short, I get involved, body and soul. As part of their team, directed by chair Debra Italiano, I applied to the Cloud Institute for Sustainability and got a Geraldine R. Dodge scholarship for becoming a Sustainability Educator through the NJ Learns Keystone Program, under the guidance of Jaimie Cloud.
If you live in the area and want to get involved, or if you want to support us in any way, here we are. Be with us. Seize the momentum. We would be thrilled to welcome you.

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