Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Why Jazz?

In short, because it is a lifelong love story.

In (life)long…

Music was not viewed as a suitable career in my small town bourgeois intellectual family in communist Romania. We had enough difficulties as it was. However, music, and especially jazz, has been a constant presence in my home ever since I was born. My parents were avid jazz record collectors, so, naturally, I grew up listening to jazz on a regular basis. During elementary school I took up private guitar lessons and later I taught myself to play piano, accordion and harmonica.  Encouraged by my father, who is a writer, I was publishing poetry, book and music reviews in national literary magazines. However, I followed a career in science. This was due to my mother, who one day brought home a microscope borrowed from a science teacher colleague; what can I say: as a standard nine year old nerd, I was hooked.

During my teen years I started my own record collection - naturally, a lot of rock, at first. But the fascination for jazz was still present, somewhere in the back of my exploration-starved mind.  Jazz was comforting. Jazz was home. My room may have been blasting hard rock, but I also had to regularly play my favorite old record: a seventies jazz-rock compilation.

After I graduated, I had the chance to substitute as a junior-high music teacher for a while, in a suburb. I cannot  forget the amazement of those kids, faced with the sudden obligation of copying scores, learning music theory and sight-singing, instead of repeating the same old popular songs every time.

During that time, I began focusing mainly on jazz and contemporary classical music. It was the dawning of the internet era, so I soon started a jazz blog, initially called  Jazzy Eliza’s Wor(l)d, later Hector’s Lounge, and an online jazz appreciation show at an underground radio station. Though short lived, that radio show, called Jazz Tuning, threw me directly into the realm of jazz journalism and music production. I was editing audio, I created my own jingles, I was communicating live with my audience - the works.

As I was covering each and every jazz festival and concert in the area, I eventually began collaborating with an American jazz musician (who has meanwhile become my husband), first as a promoter, then as a tour manager, as well.  I produced a jazz CD. I relocated to the US. I started my own label. I managed two radio promotion campaigns and their follow-ups.  I further developed my audio editing skills. Since then, we released a few jazz singles, in preparation of a big music project…

Lately I’ve been delving into animation and video editing. Mostly Corel Painter and Final Cut Pro. As a trained visual artist with a background in mass media, it was inevitable.

So what’s next?

Well, wouldn’t you like to know…
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