Why Jazz?

In short, because it is a lifelong love story.
In (life)long…
Music was not viewed as a suitable career in my small town bourgeois intellectual family in communist Romania. We had enough difficulties as it was. However, music, and especially jazz, has been a constant presence in my home ever since I was born. My parents were avid jazz record collectors, so, naturally, I grew up listening to jazz on a regular basis. During elementary school I took up private guitar lessons and later I taught myself to play piano, accordion and harmonica.  Encouraged by my father, who is a writer, I was publishing poetry, book and music reviews in national literary magazines. However, I followed a career in science. This was due to my mother, who one day brought home a microscope borrowed from a science teacher colleague; what can I say: as a standard nine year old nerd, I was hooked.
During my teen years I started my own record collection - naturally, a lot of rock, at first. But the fascination for jazz was still present, somewhere in the back of my exploration-starved mind.  Jazz was comforting. Jazz was home. My room may have been blasting hard rock greats, but I also had to regularly play my favorite old record: a seventies jazz-rock compilation.
After I graduated, I had the chance to substitute as a junior-high music teacher for a while, in a suburb. I cannot forget the amazement of those kids, faced with the sudden obligation of copying scores, learning music theory and sight-singing, instead of repeating the rendition of the same old popular songs every time.
During that time, I began focusing mainly on jazz and contemporary classical music. It was the dawning of the internet era, so I soon started a jazz blog, initially called  Jazzy Eliza’s Wor(l)d, later Hector’s Lounge, and an online jazz appreciation show at an underground radio station. Though short-lived, that radio show, called Jazz Tuning, threw me directly into the realm of jazz journalism and music production. I was editing audio, I created my own jingles, I was communicating live with my audience - the works.
As I was covering each and every jazz festival and concert in the area, I eventually began collaborating with an American jazz musician (who has meanwhile become my husband), first as a promoter, then as a tour manager, as well.  We produced a jazz CD. I relocated to the US. We started our own label. I managed two radio promotion campaigns and their follow-ups.  I further developed my audio editing skills. Since then, we released a few jazz singles, in preparation for bigger music projects…
Lately, I’ve been delving into animation and video editing. Mostly Corel Painter and Final Cut Pro. As a trained visual artist with a background in mass media, it was inevitable.
So what’s next?
Well, wouldn’t you like to know…


delta said…
pe aici tre' să ghicești pe unde-i partea pentru postări...
Alina S. Tarmu said…
Thanks, Zsolt! :D
Te referi la faptul că ai găsit greu linkul pentru comentarii?
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Alina S. Tarmu said…
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