About Hector's Lounge latest menu. And Hector lives on jazz street.

Funny how Hector's Lounge was an idea that burgeoned independently in three people's minds, namely my husband's, Uca's and mine. Jazz club and guest house, artist community hub and cabaret, diner and bakery. In this endeavor, I definitely came with the name. Of course my lounge gets crystallized wherever I go, but for a while it comes to life, little by little, here, in the pirates' lair of Harsimus Cove.
When you arrive on 3rd Street, if you are lucky, you can see and hear Ken playing his soaring sax on the brownstone steps of his home. A block away, George Coleman's son plays his infectious grooves (you can definitely hear his drums from the outside!) And just across the street from us, our lovely neighbors Chelo and Maribel, animating The Grassroots Community Space, where we party every Sunday.
And not to forget the Stockinette Knitting Cafe just around the corner! So chic and warm.
Speaking about coffee, my husband had this brilliant name idea of a vegetarian diner called "The Gourmet Goat". We're both creative chefs (when I stop cooking like a woman...), so we incorporated this concept of diner/bakery/deli under the umbrella of ...my lounge. Vegan and vegetarian as usual, Hector's Lounge is lately welcoming friends at a mild but stirring Nicaraguan coffee, a mate tea from Argentina, prepared with Agave and vanilla soy milk, Egyptian licorice and mint, or a Thai Delight tea. Light meals as sandwiches with home-made hummus and avocado, steamed vegetable with rice, garlic sauce spinach and tamarind hot sauce. Or Hector's unique mango and feta sandwiches. And the choice is ever expanding.

About other Harsimus Cove delights, a bit later.


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