Monday, July 31, 2006

Diary Pages

I haven't slept all night.
At 4 o'clock in the morning I was making myself a golden dead nettle herbal tea, because I was dying of thirst and there was no drinking water in the house. While it brewed I lost my patience and filled a glass of tap water over a slice of lemon.
At 5, I was configuring my Outlook Express for the Gmail account.
At 6.30 I was already taking a shower, putting on a hydrating face mask, then make-up, then getting dressed to run out at the corner shop to buy myself some breakfast: a large can of yogurt with apricots and granola, a rye bread and (yes!) - a chocolate bar. I poured some wheat germs on the yogurt and ate about a quarter of it, then the whole chocolate bar. I prepared myself a crunchy peanut butter and jelly sandwich to have at the office. What a hell, I haven't eaten almost anything in more than 36 hours. Just drank water.
Then I remembered I forgot to buy drinking water and ran again to the corner shop. I was so damn' sunk in my thoughts that a car almost hit me. The truth is the bastard didn't even lowered his speed.
I bought a barrel of 5 liters of natural mineral water and brought it home. This time I watched the traffic carefully.
Inside, I finished my make-up, changed three tops until I found an appropriate one and off I went. At 7.35. It was way too early anyway, the hypermarket didn't even opened by the time I arrived. So I headed for the office. A couple of my environmental guardians colleagues were waiting by the door. No one had the key. So I went to the coffee shop nearby and bought a bottle of drinking water. Then I sat with it on the marble stairs, facing the sun with my eyes closed.
- Do you have the key, by any chance?
It was the newest member of the Guard.
- Oh yeah. But of course. Only that I like to keep you on your toes... ...until I sunbath my face with the right amount of UVs...
In the office it felt like I've been there a very long time before...
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